Over the last 3 days the internet has EXPLODED with a rainbow of taste sensation. Beautiful colors and frapp-elphies have flooded news feeds. Friends, family members and distant high-school alumni and their families have all tried their hand at the magic and taken their personal opinions public.

Let us take a moment to admire the beauty of the now infamous Starbucks creation.


^^^ There is a keyword up there ^^^


Here is the actual definition of Personal:

: of, relating to, or affecting a particular Person

Lets let that sink in for a moment. What you eat, drink, or otherwise consume is controlled by you and you alone. It’s Personal. Every single thing you put in your mouth is within your control and you do not get to place your hands on someone else to control what they put in their mouth. Because it’s Personal…You get the idea.

As a personal trainer and a doula I work with people in moments of change, I see insecurity, I see self doubt, and sometimes I see broken spirits. I have a personal responsibility to help my clients find all of their pieces. The ones they thought were missing and the ones they never knew they had.  To teach them they had “it” in them all along. Everyones “IT” is …you guessed it…


What I am seeing trickle through my news feed is so very frustrating that I have trouble explaining it. It’s judge-y, opinionated and sanctimonious in feel even. Frankly if we’re going get to the point it’s a bunch of hypocrites doing what they do best and it’s terribly uncalled for.  Its damaging. It creates a culture that causes people to hide in their cars and stuff food into their mouths so no one knows. It makes people feel ashamed for enjoying something that they might actually really love. It causes people to shy away from making any kind of actual change in diet or lifestyle because it creates an environment that is so toxic and unwelcoming that a “why bother” mentality takes over.

Food Shaming

It’s a thing; and it happens. ALL. THE. TIME. It surrounds the culture of diet and exercise. It floods new mommy and parenting blogs. It makes its way into family gatherings and birthday parties, where we go so far as to judge the size of someone elses piece of birthday cake. A cake, which by definition is literally eaten in celebration of someones life.

I am a personal trainer…I really want to know why the hell can’t we eat cake??

People are allowed to enjoy the things that pass over their taste buds. They really are, no matter if they are sugar laden or not, and you, as a bystander, don’t have to like it. You don’t have to eat or drink what anyone else does. You are your own person. If you don’t want a Unicorn Frapp…lightbulb moment…order your special drink of choice. Only you get to decide what you put in your mouth. Its…wait for it….


Ultimately Looking at someone elses food choice and turning up your nose, verbalizing the sugar content or anything that doesn’t meet approval, needs to be reserved for a very special person.  The real unicorn.

Find me the one person who

  • has never gone back for a second piece of cake.
  • had an extra scoop of ice cream,
  • who measures their pasta every single time
  • weighs out macro and micro nutrients
  • keeps a detailed spreadsheet of calories consumed compared to lab results
  • who has never gone over or under their recommended daily caloric allowance
  • who has never one time eaten or drank too much (for example…at a picnic, or Thanksgiving, or New Years)
  • who is explicitly detailed in every single perfect and minute detail of their diet

Until this unicorn comes forward with his or her documentation and proof of dietary perfection, can we all just take a GIANT step backwards, stay in our own lanes stop being judgmental asshats, and for the love of all things joyful, let people drink their magical unicorn drinks in peace!!


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  1. Let me start with
    *Furious Applause*

    That was fantastic to read. It’s incredibly relieving to know that there are other trainers in the world that actually have common sense when it comes to diet/nutrition.
    I’ll be back checking your blog for hopefully more gems like this.

    – Isaac

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