. . . It’s all about perspective.  Who gets to write your story…

I get asked a lot if i was “always this way”

Always so “in shape”.

I am baffled and humbled by this question because it makes me realize that life is all about perspectives and we (read I) spend very little time looking at the Journey and instead focus on the immediate.

I wake up most days planning my improvement. critiquing my weaknesses, fueling my desire to change what I see… all good things, for nothing ever coasts up hill and to see progress you MUST move forward, however slowly….

That being said, I have lived a very full life in my 36 years, I have been through military training, traveled the country and western hemisphere, been through joy, and happiness as well as heartbreak and sorrow…and I have had one vessel in which I have been able to do this.

So…have i always been like this. I think probably yes, but different parts of my personality and development have needed more nurturing and maturity at certain times in my life.

I was looking thru pictures last night, and I am awestruck. My body. The same body that I get frustrated with has never let me down.

not one time.

She creates life and builds people, she allows me to move and lift and create the changes I demand of her. She is resilient. She is not perfect. She is not a magazine cover. She is not nor will ever be photo shopped.

This single body,

She is mine…… and She is magnificent.

Pause today, think about your JOURNEY. not about your destination, your desire…but look behind you. see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve changed and how lucky you really are. And then move forward, with purpose and joy in your heart.

How lucky we are to get to move and shape our own path!


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