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Food is joy.
Food is fuel.
Food is love.

Food is NOT bad
Food is NOT dirty
Food is NOT the enemy.

The fuel part is where we get confused.  We think that “clean” eating is the only path to success.  Living a life of restricted eating and never eating a brownie or a handful of tortilla chips at a barbecue is not really living.  Spending your time worrying about every single thing you put into your mouth isn’t really living.  It’s obsessive and obstructive, and frankly it doesn’t work.

Did you know that the density and actual nutrition of our food has decreased due to over farming decreasing the nutrients in our soil.   Our actual food isn’t giving us the nutrition we need.  NO MATTER HOW CLEAN OR ORGANIC the label says it is…

Isagenix is that answer for me, my family and my clients.  It is the only product/company that I have found that fills that hole in our nutrition for us.

When I found this company I was skeptical that it would make a  difference.  Within 60 days of adding this nutrition and intentionally keeping my life the same in terms of diet and workouts, my entire body composition changed.

The pictures that you see are me after my first very skeptical 60 days.  I was completely blown away that I had been missing the mark EVEN as a personal trainer.  EVEN as a mom who was “clean eating”.  My family’s life changed completely after that.

The health of my family is everything

When it comes to the health of my family I refuse to compromise.  I meal prep and scratch cook because to me it’s a form of love.  I love to do it, I love to see them healthy and loving healthy food…..

BUT.  (yes there is a huge BUT here…)

I have like a thousand kids by now.  I also have what feels like a million jobs.  My love for cooking and sitting with family in the fellowship of a great meal hasn’t gone away and we still do that…but I was frazzled.  I was rushed and I was stuck in the rut of easy week night meals that never ended.  It was all I could do to cook some eggs in the morning before school, make sure they had healthy lunches and start prepping and cooking their dinner after they all left.    Seriously…it was a never ending circle of slicing and dicing.

cookies and cream

When I found Isa, the nutrition changed for my husband and I, he lost 60 lbs,  I had more energy and piazazz than ever, so I thought I had found the answer to the problem of having no time and energy.  It wasn’t until my kids started asking to try the shakes that I had that light bulb moment.

This was about nutrition, sure.  Of course my children needed cellular health just as much if not more than I did!   They were athletes too.  They were human too.  They had stress too!  But do you know HOW MUCH TIME I SAVE when they can have a shake for breakfast OR take a shake for LUNCH.  Call it selfish?  Maybe…but how can it be selfish when by switching up our breakfast routine we are actually getting healthier.

Hint:  It’s not.   It’s smart.  In my opinion its damn good parenting.

Restricted living is not a life

Eat real food and fill in the gaps.

Fill your soul.

Make smart choices
Eat birthday cake

Teach your children how to live in their bodies

Guilt does not belong on your plate – or theirs

Learn to live without restricting

olive Isa

The only place to start is at the beginning.  That is why I absolutely start every one of my clients with Isagenix.  I KNOW what it will do.  They are the ONLY products I trust implicitly.  Not only with my health and the health of my family, but with your health and the health of YOUR family.

My clients put a lot of faith in me.  They come to me at their most vulnerable moments.  That’s a huge responsibility that I will never take lightly.   I know that starting from the inside and working our way out by healing cells and changing mindset we will change your life forever.  That is why lifestyle/mindset/nutrition coaching is free with your investment in Isagenix.  It’s just that important to the cascade of your change.

The only thing it takes is a “YES”

I’ll be here when ever you are ready.



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