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Who says women need to be light? Why do we believe this? 

Who says I am not allowed to take up almost 160lbs of space? 

Why is a small mechanical box, that measures the force that gravity has on me, a measure of my worth, value, self confidence or success? 

Here’s a hint. IT’S NOT. 
How do you feel? 
How do your clothes fit? 
Do you have energy to face the day, deal with stress, raise your family? 

Who gets to decide? The scale? Society? Or you??

In the pic on the left, my first husband had just walked out on us, I had 3 children under age 4, no job, no money, no clue how I was going to survive. BUT i was 125 lbs. The lightest I had been since middle school…stress, hardly eating and probably undiagnosed depression.

Man, what a way to get skinny?! People told me how great I looked for having a baby 5 months prior. They couldn’t see that I was literally dying inside. 

Fast Forward…

Right pic. Do you even need me to explain the difference? It’s clearly visible. Besides the 22 pounds I gained!! I got back my confidence, not only was I strong in body, my spirit bloomed into someone I had never known before.

Nutrition. Nutrition and movement. That’s it. Those are my tricks. It’s simple but it’s not easy. 

Women NEED TO EAT!  REAL FOOD!! And plenty of it.

Fuel to move, fuel to grow and fuel to leave our positive mark on this earth. 

Bottom line. DITCH the scale. It can not possibly measure who you are. 

Move how you LOVE.

Eat to feed your soul and make the shift.

Stop giving gravity all of your power and light that internal fire to radiate the world. 

I know you can!! 

I’ll help if you need me!!



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