I will encourage, comfort, and honor you as you use the power you've had all along

Planning and preparing or a new life is exciting!! Baby showers, nursery to-do lists, hospital registrations, birth plans, pediatricians, the hospital bag, epidural or no interventions, planned cesarean birth, cloth diaper or paper diaper,  breast or bottle, maybe both…..the list seems endless.

I will listen to every concern and help you navigate the waters of preparation. We will discuss your labor, birth, and parenting goals, write your birth plan and get you organized and on your way to feeling more relaxed (if that’s even possible during the 3rd trimester).

Prenatal Doula Services
Postpartum Services

The moment you leave the hospital or adoption agency with a new life, literally in your hands, is easily one of the most overwhelming moments of a parents life. From night wakings and round the clock feedings to sibling adjustments, meal prep, and the rest of the day to day responsibilities, your life doesn’t stop for baby.

Getting a new routine nailed down and allowing everyone time to adjust and regroup is critical. Doing it with limited sleep and wacky hormones can overwhelm the most experienced of parents. Whether it’s baby number 1 or baby number 5, Doula support at home is a game changer. I’m happy to personalize all care and provide exactly what you and your  family needs.


Deciding to breastfeed is a very personal parenting decision. It doesn’t always come as naturally as we would like to believe. Breastfeeding education and assistance for moms is surprisingly limited for the short time they are in the birthing room and admitted for their hospital stay.

Cesarean deliveries offer specific challenges as do adoptive breastfeeding relationships. I am respectful of all parenting choices, including parents who do not choose to breastfeed and will assist in getting a formula feeding routine down pat. I am, however, a very strong advocate of breastfeeding and will help get you back on your feet and absolutely confident in your ability to feed your child, for as long as you desire.

Breastfeeding Support
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