“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”
~ My Dad (and everyone elses dad)

Heather is a 37 year old mother of 4 with an intense passion for all things wonderful.  She is a US Army Veteran, Registered ER Nurse, Massage therapist, Labor and Postpartum Doula, and an ACE certified Personal Trainer.   She owns and operates Babies to Biceps, LLC Personal Training and Doula Agency in her “free time”.  To tell you that she doesn’t idle very well might seem shocking, but it’s the truth!  You will always find her buzzing around with a smile and lots to do.

Heather’s Girls
Husband & Wife

When asked about her job/jobs Heather says, “I was born to do this. Down to my DNA I know I have found my place in this world. Not only do I love this work, but I am darn good at it. Allowing people to access and harness their own power, showing them how to control their own direction is awe inspiring every single time I get to do it.  Seeing the confidence and inner light explode outward into this world moves me straight to my core.  Child birth and Weight lifting seem like a strange combo I’m sure…but to me, the energy, the power, and the confidence are the same.  Weightlifting and staying in tune to my body helped me all the way through my divorce.  It gave me the confidence to pull myself out of poverty after my first husband walked out.  It gave me the understanding of exactly what I was capable of, and it pushed me through some of the most stressful times in my life.  There is no way I could have survived without it.  I love sharing this passion, strength and profound connection with my clients”

Heathers very favorite things….Coffee, lifting heavy things, sun rises, watching a partner see their child for the very first time, coffee, the smell of a horses soft nose, seeing a new mommas face after she gets her baby latched on the first time, coffee, her husband and best friend John ❤, a great book during a thunderstorm, the smell of my babies after a bath…. and also,  coffee.

Big Smooch


“People stay married because they want to, not because the doors are locked.

– Paul Neuman

This is where I will get real. When I say I offer nonjudgmental support. I mean it. I have never felt more judged and isolated than when I was raising 3 children alone, while breastfeeding, completing nursing school and surviving with food stamps and public assistance. I understand the importance of having a spouse on board (in all aspects of life, not only child rearing) after having my first husband walk out 1 month after my 3rd child was born. Marriage is no joke. Babies are hard. They absolutely rock your world and if you are not ready they can throw you and your marriage for a serious loop.

I now have 4 children. I remarried and planned one more sweet baby. I can without a doubt say that I married my best friend. It is because of him that I can do this. It is because of him that I am navigating life with such motivation, and strength to look in the mirror and be honest about my weakness and kind with my words to myself, knowing that this life we share is a constantly evolving and changing process. That as long as we stick together we can and we will do anything…

John is the best thing that ever happened to me and our children, and we work at it every single day. We thrive on laughter, communication and coffee.

Lots and lots of coffee.



These people. These tiny humans, that are sprinkled across this site are my people.

From the very first moment I laid eyes on my son David, I knew I had found my purpose. It’s amazing how incredible the human capacity is for love. With every baby I had, I always wondered if there would be enough of me to go around. And magically as soon as they laid a warm, wet, human infant on my chest, my heart quietly made room. No one lost their place, no one sacrificed.  My heart simply said “Oh, hello there little one, I have been waiting for you”  and grew to accommodate. I had no idea that by navigating life the waters of parenting, and teaching myself how to breastfeed my first baby, and three more, I was slowly setting the foundation for my future.

Navigating life and balancing our day to day with 4 kids, 2 dogs and everyones schedules is crazy, so believe me when I tell you that I understand how adding a human to your life can throw you into the strange land of sleep deprivation and self doubt. Believe me when I tell you that I get it when some days a bowl of cereal and a string cheese or a PBJ with apples simply has to be good enough.



I was born to do this. Except I had no idea what “this” was until I realized I was doing it. I was Doula-ing for friends and family, coworkers, and strangers that my number had gotten passed too. There really wasn’t anyone I would turn away. My heart and my life pointed me directly  here. I am a Doula.

Being a doula is an interesting feeling. Part teacher, part confidant, part coach and strangely enough – part friend. I have always read that business and “friendship” shouldn’t mix. However, I have not had a client yet where I haven’t felt a friendly connection with. Conversation comes easy and sharing becomes second nature as we move through the stages of birth and the postpartum world together. There are lots of laughs, a few tears, and hundreds of memories. Ultimately you will outgrow me (if I do my job right!!) and our time together will end.

I wished I had known about Doulas and how much I could have desperately used one after every pregnancy.  I am honored to let my experiences pay it forward.

Its always bittersweet when a contract is over but the way our lives are changed is forever.

So, yes, I am your Doula. But I have a feeling I just might end up  feeling like a friend.

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